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Garage Door Repairs in Brighton MN

Fixing garage door problems is our bread and butter, and we provide our repairs to all local areas, including Brighton. Found a problem with the garage door opener and it's not working now? Need to replace broken springs or worn ones? We've got a same-day service policy, which means you'll get the garage door repairs you need on the day you need them and not later. With us, you get fast responses and affordable solutions that last for a very long time.

My Garage Door Spring Broke

This type of problem means you'll find that opening your garage door proves very difficult, if not impossible. Even if you can open the door like this, you're putting lots of strain on the cables and opener, which could lead to more damage very quickly. So instead of doing this, get in touch with us. We provide same-day garage door spring replacement services to all areas near Brighton. Our professionals can get a new spring installed on your garage door very quickly, and at an affordable price that won't break the bank.

Opener Isn't Working, Can You Fix it?

The short answer? Yes. The long answer? Heck yeah. We specialize in garage door opener repair and know how to troubleshoot and solve any problem. Whether you have a LiftMaster opener or a model from Genie, Craftsman or some other well-known brand, we know the ins and outs of all types. Screw, belt, and chain drive openers work a little differently, but our technicians have the knowledge and skills to repair every type, including jackshaft openers that mount over the torsion spring. We can replace broken motor gears and even entire circuit boards or drive system parts. Whatever you need to get your garage door opener back to working properly.

Can I Get A Quote On New Garage Doors?

You sure can. We're happy to give free estimates on garage door installation to anyone near Brighton looking to get new models. This estimate includes a free consultation to help you choose a new garage door model (wood, steel, aluminum, and more) that offers you the best insulation and security, as well as curb appeal, of course. Our garage door installers will bring the model you choose to your home and carry out the installation at a time of your choosing. Get in touch with us anytime to set up a free quote and consult.

Recent Brighton Garage Door Repairs We completed

Whether it's replacing a broken spring, fixing some opener issues or installing new parts, we're always busy helping local folks with their garage doors. Need a helping hand with anything? Go ahead and give us a call anytime.

Brighton Opener Repair Nearby

Opener Repair

Service Request: Malfunctioning garage door opener needs repairs due to strange behavior.
Our Solution: Normally, your garage door opener should move the panels with no noticeable issue. When the door shakes or wobbles, it’s not always the opener’s fault. However, when it won’t close or open when you use the remote, the opener is the likeliest culprit responsible. Mr. Mark’s garage door opener had a worn motor gear. That meant that no matter how much it tried, the device couldn’t move the door. It couldn’t create enough horsepower to do it. We replaced the worn motor gear and lubricated the new unit for maximal efficiency.

John Mark - Brighton
Garage Door Sensor Alignment Near Brighton

Garage Door Sensor Alignment

Service Request: Garage door sensor misalignment caused the opener to reverse the movement of the door each time it tried to close.
Our Solution: Sensor alignment problems can prove simple to fix sometimes. But other times, replacing the garage door sensors will become the only option. Here, the sensor wiring was frayed, and so the problem was more with that than with opener sensor misalignment. We replaced the connective wiring for the garage door sensors and positioned them just right so their invisible beam will connect them two photo eyes perfectly.

Ryan Tuson - Brighton

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